1. Book an onsite consultation

Onsite consultation duration typically 1.5 hrs.

  • $130 booking fee
  • $325 due on delivery of report
  • total $455 incl GST

2. Site Visit

Our senior consultant visits your property to discuss your needs and options, to gather information for the report.


3. We Prepare Your Personalised Report

We prepare your personalised report and post it to you within 5 working days


4. Telephone and Email Support

We provide telephone and email support  – have your follow-up questions answered – for an additional 10 working days


The Granny Flat - an entry level housing option?

Officially known as a Secondary Dwelling in Brisbane, a granny flat is an entry level housing option that saves on cost of land.

Uses include:-

  • Elderly relative or person with disability to live near a family carer
  • Adult relative to have an independent space at affordable cost
  • Young couple seeking to save for their own home
  • Family guests

There are several basic options – which of these is going to work best for you?

  • Alter part of the existing house
  • Add an extension under, beside or behind the existing house
  • A separate building on the property
  • Built from scratch on site, or prefabricated and transported into place

It is important to think carefully about the design and location so as to minimise cost, and maximise the market value addition to the existing residence.  There are limits on internal floor area and distance from the main residence.


Will a Granny Flat work on your property?

With our fixed price granny flat options report service, we give you the answers you need in order to decide whether to proceed with the design and construction of a granny flat on your property.

You receive expert guidance on:-

  • placement and orientation
  • knowledge of local planning rules and building regulations,
  • the required approval processes,
  • planning your budget, and
  • low risk staged commitment process for project success.

Knowing these details at the beginning, rather than running up against unexpected issues after you’ve started can save you time and money, and help you understand the building process, making for a much smoother, more relaxed operation.

What the consultation provides you with

Once we come and evaluate your situation, your report includes a granny flat design, with estimated cost, that you can:-

  • evaluate the feasibility of the project with,
  • upgrade to construction ready drawings for builders prices and building approval
James Stephenson

James Stephenson

Registered Architect

My job is to make your building project easy and achievable. I have over 15 years of experience in residential and small commercial projects, and I ensure my clients understand and are satisfied with their projects. Technical issues are explained in everyday language, and I have worked with hundreds of satisfied clients.

A speciality includes design of equitable access to and use of buildings for people with disabilities.

I am passionate about helping people to get affordable housing options.

Registered architect in Queensland reg no 1783 Fellow of the Australian Instititute of Architects

0411 627 477