Any building allotment which is less than 15m wide and / or less than 450 sqm in area is classed in Brisbane as a small lot.  To build a new home, or alter an existing home, on such a lot one must comply at the least with a Residential Design Small Lot Code.  This code has provisions which houses on larger lots do not need to comply with.

Typical Small Lot home building requirements

Key small lot building requirements which are more restrictive than for houses on larger lots include:

  • side wall height limits less than the normal maximum height limit
  • maximum building length
  • limitations on width and position of garages facing front boundary
  • greater rear boundary clearance, in some cases

Height limits

On a sloping allotment, which is common around Brisbane, compliance with height restrictions can be complicated.  Where the slope is both from side to side and front to back of the allotment, the complexity increases.

Small Lot Home in St Lucia

Pictured is a 3 level small lot home with double garage, 3 bedrooms plus a lower level guest suite.  The vaulted ceiling over the living room and rear facing deck adds a spacious and light-filled feel to the home.

The site was 10m wide and steep, so 3D design drawings were created at the outset to ensure that the multiple levels stayed within the stringent height limits set by the Brisbane City Council’s planning regulations.