Timber decks and balconies are popular in summer, a place to cool off quickly while the house is still warm after a long day of sunshine.

Timber Decks need more maintenance than other parts of your house. More than any other part of the house, they can have more people gathered on them, and they can be subjected to accelerated deterioration by constant exposure to rain and sun.  So it is vital that they be in tip-top condition to avoid collapse and injury.

Make it a practice to inspect for structural safety every year.  Here are some things to look out for:-

  • Floor boards that are soft or excessively cracked
  • Corrosion in metal brackets holding framing together
  • Timber posts in contact with the ground – could be a cause of rot or a conduit for termites
  • Paint or deck coating worn, cracked or peeling should be renewed, because timber needs these coatings to fight rot.
  • Balustrading that moves under cautious application of force
  • Wire balustrading can be high maintenance and not meet current standards for safety
  • Railing height requirement is now 1m – a lot of older railings may be 0.9m or less.  Whilst retrospective compliance is not mandatory, consider the risks of not being up to date

If in doubt book an inspection today.  Booking Fee $50 + $135 payable on receipt of report = $185 incl gst total fee.